About Ibrahim's Butchery

We Deliver Happiness


Mr. Ibrahim Piraditta, (may his soul rest in peace), refined and launched one of the top businesses in the fresh meat and seafood sector in 1932.

The he set momentum and a pace that allowed his generations to run till date. His Son Mr. Mohamed Ashiq took the relay for decades & handed over to the third generation; lead by Mr. Mohamed Asef a.k.a Juma. By the sea, through the ocean, from the farms direct to your forks, Juma managed to run the business for over 50 years ! The clean sheet Success can be justified by the Great grandson Mr. Ibrahim Piraditta Ghulam Nabi (named after the great grandfather, you've seen what we did there 🙂 He is also Know as Ronnie. Since 1932, Ibrahim's butchery Has stick to the promise over profits, to deliver nothing but pure happiness.